Grzegorz Tchorek

Topic of the PCHET 2020: The use of RES in transport - the state of work in Poland.


Grzegorz Tchorek is a graduate and employee of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw.

His research and scientific activity is focused on competitiveness and internationalization of enterprises, value chains of various sectors of the economy, sources of innovation of companies, electromobility, gas and shared mobility, hydrogen applications and challenges of energy transformation. Mr Tchorek is the leader of NCN research projects, feasibility studies and expertise in energy and electromobility.

Grzegorz Tchorek is an active participant in international and national research and advisory bodies. Chairman of the team of experts on Eco Transport in the Ministry of Climate, Chairman of the team of experts on hydrogen in the Chamber of Commerce of Gas Industry, Member of the Scientific Council of Beijing Research Centre in Beijing, Member of the Supervisory Board of PGNiG S.A. as a Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Grzegorz tchorek initiated establishing the Centre for Research on Energy Transformation, Mobility and Climate Change at the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw.

Grzegorz Tchorek
Cluster coordinator Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce

Grunwaldzka 82
80-244 Gdansk, Poland

+48 882 430 983