Jan Wegener

Topic of the PCHET 2020: Germany’s Road to Hydrogen: past, present and future.


As Programme Manager Europe in NOW Jan Wegener deals mostly with EU regulatory aspects regarding hydrogen and alternative fuels. Before joining NOW, he worked for an international consultancy in the field of hydrogen, battery technology and electric mobility as well as
renewable energies and other transport policies. His academic background is also based in the regulatory field - he obtained a Franco-German double degree in Public administration and European Governance, focusing on policy analysis and quantitative methods.

Stations on his academic career path were Berlin, Lyon, Constance and Grenoble. During this time he gained experiences in several consultancies, covering energy and transport policies as well as in development and journalism in Brussels, Berlin and Frankfurt.

Jan Wegener
Cluster coordinator Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce

Grunwaldzka 82
80-244 Gdansk, Poland

+48 882 430 983