Maurycy Rzeźniczak

Topic of the PCHET 2020: PDA Support project for Pomerania Region


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Maurycy Rzeźniczak Chief Specialist, Strategy Department of Gdynia City Hall.

Graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology, for many years dealing with electromobility issues.

Mr. Rzeźniczak carried out his first projects of implementing electric cars while working for Energa Innowacje, which operated within the ENERGA Capital Group.

In the City Hall of Gdynia, he is responsible for the coordination of activities in the area of electromobility, he deals with projects of implementing alternative fuels and building infrastructure for electric vehicles.

He participates in works related to the introduction of hydrogen in public transport.

Maurycy Rzeźniczak
Cluster coordinator Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce

Grunwaldzka 82
80-244 Gdansk, Poland

+48 882 430 983