New license plates for ecological cars

From January 1, 2020, owners of electronic and hydrogen cars can apply for new license plates, which are green with black numerics.

New plates can be obtained on the basis of the Act on electromobility and alternative fuels, which says that a vehicle with an electric or hydrogen drive will have license plates indicating a specific, ecological type of propulsion. The plates are given to new car drivers, and those which already are registered as electric cars will replace the old ones. All you have to do is submit a request to the office to replace the plate and the number and registration certificate will remain the same.

Additionally the colors of the registration stickers will change: red for the electric cars and yellow for the hydrogen ones. However, hybrid cars, despite the use of an electric drive are not allowed to change the plates and stickers.

The goal of Polish legislators is to encourage drivers to use ecological cars. According to the authorities, such changes will distinguish cars powered with alternative fuel and their drivers will be able to enter the bus lanes.


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