PCHET conference coming up in October 2023!

The Polish Conference for Hydrogen Energy and Technologies (PCHET) has already become a permanent fixture in the landscape of substantive industry events. We are already inviting you to the next edition of the conference, which will take place on October 4-5, 2023, at the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park, in Gdynia.


The main topic of this year's PCHET will be large-scale production of green hydrogen and innovative methods of its production, and the goal is no longer just to popularize this energy carrier, but primarily to seek partnerships for cooperation and project implementation.

The transformation to a hydrogen economy is inevitable. Europe is undertaking investments showing that hydrogen will be the primary energy carrier for the European economy. Currently, a number of investments are being made in the context of storage and conversion of electricity from RES. Hence, when talking about renewable energy, especially from offshore sources, we should have in mind emission-free hydrogen, or so-called green hydrogen.


As part of the paid participation packages, we will invite you to an evening meeting combined with the presentation of awards, for successes in the implementation of hydrogen projects. We would like to recognize and promote Polish hydrogen projects, and make it easier for their developers to enter European markets. For larger companies and investors, we will discuss changes in state aid and new public support systems for hydrogen investments! These mechanisms are new in 2023 and it will be valuable, for you, to talk about them with experts.


On the first day of the event, we will conduct parallel conference panels and workshops for you. These workshops are aimed at popularizing knowledge about the hydrogen economy, strategies adopted by other EU countries, as well as discussing basic technological issues concerning electrolyzers, fuel cells and their application in the economy.




During this year's PCHET 2023 conference, we also anticipate current topics, including a special session on the hydrogen economy and its role in supporting Free Ukraine and rebuilding the economy after the war. We will discuss with Ukrainian representatives the importance of energy stability in peacetime and wartime. We will also learn about the EU commission's plans in this regard.


We are already inviting speakers, exhibitors and sponsors, to co-create this unique event on the map of Polish conferences, the hydrogen technology industry! Check out the SPONSOR OFFER.

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