PGNiG has chosen innovative ideas for hydrogen storage from Polish universities

The 5th edition of the PGNiG "Young Innovative for PGNiG" competition has ended. By 2022, the company intends to allocate approximately PLN 700 million to innovation. According to Łukasz Kroplewski, PGNiG's Vice President for Development, analysing previous editions of the competition, the company used a research project on processing drilling waste into products as well as a project of ultra-light ceramic proppants to extract gas from unconventional sources.

This year's ideas are related to the extraction, storage and transport of hydrogen. One such concept is based on the unusual technique of storing hydrogen in the solid form. It is an innovative solution, as this technique will be developed in the form of metal hydrides.


The second project shows the possibility of reducing the costs of transporting liquid natural gas to local regasification stations, which also allows the optimization of the distribution service and the use of road tankers owned by the GPNiG Capital Group.

Congratulations to the winners!


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