PKN Orlen and Grupa Lotos join forces!

PKN Orlen and Grupa Lotos are involved in projects related to hydrogen technologies. PKN Orlen owns two hydrogen car charging stations in Germany. In the Czech Republic and Lithuania drivers will also have the opportunity to refuel cars with hydrogen soon.

The management board of the PKN Orlen concern states that the possibility of using hydrogen as a storage and energy carrier in power networks is being considered. The company wants to build the hydrogen fuel market and actively shape and influence national regulations applicable to trading  this fuel.

Grupa Lotos is working on entering the hydrogen fuel market, including Tri-City. Additionally, project run by Pure H2 aims to build and launch of high purity hydrogen refueling points. A hydrogen purification plant will be erected in Gdańsk at the Lotos refinery in accordance with the relevant requirements. The second station is to be built in Warsaw.

Up to this point, the Gdańsk refinery has been producing about 13 tonnes of hydrogen per hour,  and after completing the EFRA Project, over 16.5 tonnes per hour. On average, a car burns 1 kg of hydrogen per 100 km. A hydrogen bus consumes annually the amount of hydrogen that Lotos Group installations produce within an hour.


Image: Grupa Lotos


Source: Tró

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