The first pilot for hydrogen refuelling station in Poland

The cooperation of Toyota Motors Poland and Lotos has set a high bar for other members of the Hydrogen Cluster. Toyota has started cooperation with the Polish gas leader – PGNiG, who will start and launch a test hydrogen refueling station. According to the company, the station is to be built by the end of the first quarter of 2021 at the company's headquarters in Warsaw, close to the CNG refueling station.


As we have already mentioned, Toyota is the creator of the hydrogen-powered car - Toyota Mirai, which requires the introduction and popularization of hydrogen fuel on a large scale. 10,000 sold copies of this car is an ambiguous signal for the Japanese that it's time to enter the Polish market.


By implementing the station project, PGNiG will be able to test hydrogen refueling and implementation of innovations related to this technology in Polish conditions. This station will be the first in Poland, to be followed by Lotos hydrogen stations.


The tests will provide information for further technology development. As a consequence, this will allow avoiding future adverse effects on infrastructure operations.



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