Toyota is a new member of the Hydrogen Cluster

The Hydrogen Cluster and Toyota are betting on green hydrogen! Economic and ecological driving.

Small steps to a greener future. Thanks to the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 strategy, the company has been focusing on the total eliminating of CO2 or other harmful substances for several years. From the replacement of hydrogen forklifts in their factories to the presentation of a new generation hydrogen car - Toyota Mirai.

But from the beginning. There is probably no country that does not dream of becoming a leader in hydrogen technologies. On the other hand, Japan does not leave the leading position, providing that, unlike, for example, Germany, is already investing in green hydrogen and also has low production costs. In Yokohama, hydrogen is produced at wind farm, later supplied by tanker.

The first fuel cell car made its debut in 2014, but the first new-generation Toyota Mirai prototype was presented at a special Tokyo fair in 2019. It is  technologically sophisticated and has a range of 500 km topped by unusual design, modernized fuel cell system and large hydrogen tanks.

The hydrogen car is very easy to use. Refuelling takes only a few minutes and in addition does not emit any harmful compounds, only water. Participants of the second edition of the Polish Conference on hydrogen technologies could find out about this. At the PCHET 2019 event, which took place on October 1, 2019 in Gdynia, guests had the opportunity to drive a Toyota Mirai first generation car.

In November 2019, Toyota Poland joined the Hydrogen Cluster to work for a common goal: strive for cars in Poland to be able „to clean the air we breathe every day”. Thanks to joint activities of the Hydrogen Cluster and Toyota, a number of activities will give benefits both for Pomerania region and Poland.

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