What is the Cluster?

Research and development projects as well as joint investments for hydrogen economy are the Cluster's key missions. Its members are cooperating in the fields of information exchange, building economic connections, services and technologies. Cluster establishes broad cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations and other cluster networks and conducts educational and promotional activities as well.

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Mission low emission

The Cluster launched its activities in August 2017. Its mission is to to initiate actions to increase the importance of hydrogen technologies and clean coal technologies, by supporting members of the Cluster and cooperating entities in the development of innovative solutions for energy efficiency and low-carbon economy.

The cluster will operate both the Research and Development Center and the Technology Transfer Platform to support companies' work on technology projects, and at a later stage, to support testing and verifying of new solutions.

Meet the objectives of the Cluster

Activities related to building the Cluster's potential, allowing to obtain a leader status in the area of ​​the economy related to the use of hydrogen technologies and clean coal technologies, including eco-innovation and development of energy efficiency and energy efficiency management, using modern hydrogen technologies and clean coal.

Promotion and implementation of national solutions in the field of hydrogen technologies, among others as research and implementation works in the National Hydrogen Technology and Pure Coal Technology Program.

Creating a cooperation platform to effectively connect and use the potential of its associated entities for the promotion and development of hydrogen technologies and clean coal technologies.

Promoting, supporting and developing research, products and services for the application of hydrogen technologies and clean coal technologies in the national economy in order to significantly raise the technological level of the Polish economy both inside and outside the European Union.

Hydrogen as an enabler

Forklift trucks

Primary and backup power

Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicles










Combined heat and power
Combined heat and power





Webinar on Guarantees of Origin (GO) for hydrogen

The Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies in cooperation with Hydrogen Europe is organising a webinar on Guarantees of Origin (GO) for hydrogen.


GO is a new, transparent and reliable certification system that informs customers about the quality of hydrogen in relation to its origin and climate neutrality. The GO system gives end users the freedom to choose from hydrogen either originating from renewables, mixed or "black"  sources.


We invite everyone who is interested in the future of the fuel market, green energy sources, energy independence and legislation.


On 11th December at 12.00 with participation of industry experts and the European Commission (Hydrogen Europe) you will learn how Europe intends to control and certify hydrogen market.


  • How will Poland finds its way in hydrogen economy?
  • What is the progress of European legislation?
  • What is the status of Polish legislation for H2?
  • How to prepare for these changes in the market?


Our moderators:

  • Marek Foltynowicz
  • Tomasz Pelc


Our speakers:

  • Alexandru Floristean - Hydrogen Europe
  • Michał Sznycer - MGS LAW (TBC) law firm


We invite you to actively participate and discuss.


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Cluster coordinator Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce

Grunwaldzka 82
80-244 Gdansk, Poland

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