What is the Cluster?

Research and development projects as well as joint investments for hydrogen economy are the Cluster's key missions. Its members are cooperating in the fields of information exchange, building economic connections, services and technologies. Cluster establishes broad cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations and other cluster networks and conducts educational and promotional activities as well.

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Mission low emission

The Cluster launched its activities in August 2017. Its mission is to to initiate actions to increase the importance of hydrogen technologies and clean coal technologies, by supporting members of the Cluster and cooperating entities in the development of innovative solutions for energy efficiency and low-carbon economy.

The cluster will operate both the Research and Development Center and the Technology Transfer Platform to support companies' work on technology projects, and at a later stage, to support testing and verifying of new solutions.

Meet the objectives of the Cluster

Activities related to building the Cluster's potential, allowing to obtain a leader status in the area of ​​the economy related to the use of hydrogen technologies and clean coal technologies, including eco-innovation and development of energy efficiency and energy efficiency management, using modern hydrogen technologies and clean coal.

Promotion and implementation of national solutions in the field of hydrogen technologies, among others as research and implementation works in the National Hydrogen Technology and Pure Coal Technology Program.

Creating a cooperation platform to effectively connect and use the potential of its associated entities for the promotion and development of hydrogen technologies and clean coal technologies.

Promoting, supporting and developing research, products and services for the application of hydrogen technologies and clean coal technologies in the national economy in order to significantly raise the technological level of the Polish economy both inside and outside the European Union.

Hydrogen as an enabler

Forklift trucks

Primary and backup power

Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicles










Combined heat and power
Combined heat and power





New Member: Welcome in our cluster to Yokogawa Polska Sp z o.o.

Yokogawa Polska Sp z o.o. joined companies associated in the hydrogen cluster.

This technological company originates in Japan, where its mother company is based. Yokogawa is one of the world leaders in industrial automation and control, test and measurement, information systems and industrial services.

Having in mind the development of the energy sector and caring for the planet, Yokogawa feels obliged to promote hydrogen technology also in Poland.

We are looking forward to seeing your active participation in our Cluster. You can find here more information about the company. On behalf of all of us, welcome onboard!

We're proud to have on board ...

Inwebit has joined our Cluster of Hydrogen and Clean Coal Technologies aiming to become a leader in the area of zero-emssion technologies. Hydrogen technologies are becoming more important in many fields of economy, transportation and energy sectors.


For over 10 years Inwebit has been involved in innovative projects in the energy sector, starting from full rapid metering acquisition (own devices for reading energy meters, OPC/SCADA servers, LTE Cat M1/NB modems, solutions for distributed energy), through virtual power plants (production/usage forecasts, energy market price forecasts, integration with energy storage) to the construction of new intelligent energy storage solutions with a capacity of 0.5MWh (project implemented in a wider consortium). Current projects concern the use of hydrogen in energy storage, for which own low-temperature FC fuel cells with PEM polymer membrane are being built.


Thank you for joining the Cluster. We look forward to further opportunities for cooperation.

Cluster coordinator Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce

Grunwaldzka 82
80-244 Gdansk, Poland

+48 58 305 23 25