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PCHET 2018


One of the first conferences in Poland dedicated to an overview of hydrogen

technologies available on the market.


The event covered the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel in a zero carbon economy.


The lectures were devoted to issues in the field of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage,

as well as its use in energy and transport.


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PCHET 2019


The International Polish Conference for Hydrogen Energy and Technologies gathered almost 300 participants representing a very wide and diverse economic, scientific and research community and local government administration.


This edition of the conference presented a spectrum of issues related to the use of hydrogen technologies in transport and energy. Legislative gaps, funding options, and presented business models using hydrogen as an energy carrier were discussed.


The culminating event of the conference was the announcement of establishing the Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley initiative and its program.


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PCHET 2020


The 3rd edition of the PCHET2020 Hydrogen Conference took place on 28th and 29th of September, 2020.


One of the most interesting projects presented during PCHET was HGaas. Its idea is perfectly reflected by project’s slogan "Hydrogen always on the way". The project enables small RES producers to integrate and produce hydrogen in power2gas technology. Next, the Hy-way 2 Hel project was discussed, introducing a hydrogen-powered train on the Gdynia-Hel train route.


For the first time in this edition, we organized a debate on the social aspects of hydrogen and found it necessary to further educate our society with a special emphasis on the young generation.


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