Letter of support for Hydrogen Europe

Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies reacting to false accusations of Hydrogen Europe


As Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies, we would like to respond to the press release of 6th May 2021 regarding Hydrogen Europe reacting to false accusations.
The Cluster and our members always had a strong support from Hydrogen Europe. The latest legislation terms, industry data and B2B events on the levels hard to compare.


It is hard to find any other organization in Europe so highly engaged in decarbonization of industries.
For any company and organization looking for latest industry leads, trends and prospects this organisation has  always been the one-stop shop and best source for verified information.
Thanks to the vast number of contacts among zero emission industry leaders, start-ups and other organisations working for decarbonization in EU, Hydrogen Europe is the best partner and valuable support for organising workshops, seminars and conferences.  We see now even more engagement for developing zero emission technologies and promotion in this aspect for maritime and aviation sectors. We do see that crucial for industry is also education. In this field we see also actions form Hydrogen Europe and we do feel strongly supported by the experts.


We do not understand where accusations originated from, buy we can assume that it is due to poor research and a lack of understanding for industry transformation towards zero emissions.  Such reports should not be acknowledged by professionals therefore we are strongly supporting Hydrogen Europe actions towards promotion of zero emission hydrogen, renewables and carbon free society.

Cluster coordinator Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce

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81-451 Gdynia

+48 882 430 983